Time to Get Serious about Loose-Leaf Tea With This 20% Off Code

Last year, the Starbucks-acquired chain Teavana announced that they were closing all of their over 300 locations. However, interest in loose-leaf tea continues to rise throughout the country, so why were these stores underperforming?


Well, consider that most of the Teavana stores were located inside shopping malls. American malls are doomed in general, according to a report by Credit Suisse, who claimed that 20-25% of shopping malls will close within the next five years.

With mega-giant mall staples like Macy’s announcing their closing, it is clear that for a niche outlet like Teavana to survive over two decades, there is an abundance of loose-leaf tea devotees, as well as curious newcomers to the tea game, willing to pay for premium tea.

Online loose-leaf retailer Daurim is running a special sale on Pinglin Honey Black Tea, so now is a great time to venture into the tea game!

Why drink loose-leaf?

There are so many reasons to bag your bagged tea and start buying loose-leaf. For starters, if you’ve ever broken open a bag of tea and seen what’s in there, you’ll notice it doesn’t quite look like broken up tea leaves. This is because a lot of what goes into these bags is “tea dust,” or the remnants of the bottom of a barrel of harvested tea leaves.

This tea dust gives the liquid its categorical color but lacks in the flavor we should expect from a fresh pot. At times, bagged tea can taste bitter and underwhelming. Put simply, loose-leaf tea is the good stuff! It is rich in essential oils, which give us the taste we hope for when brewed with hot water.

Loose-leaf tea is also better for the environment. Many tea bags are not biodegradable and contain harmful chemicals. Eventually, most tea bags, which are made in polluting factories, are discarded in landfills.

The rundown on Pinglin Honey Black Tea

Daurim is featuring its honey black tea with a discount code, but what’s the story behind this one why start here? Check out these tasting notes provided by the website: Mi-Xiang, citrus, honey, brown sugar, floral and sweet potato. I feel my taste buds rippling as I write this!

This batch of Honey Black is produced by a farmer in Taiwan. The honey scent has been crafted by a skilled artisan.

How to get 20% off

Visit the Darium website and enter the promo code “HONEYBLACK20” to receive 20% off your purchase of 25g or 50g of Pinglin Honey Black Tea.