Sprint is Offering a Year of Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for New Customers

Sprint is Offering a Year of Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for New Customers


If you’ve paid off your phone but still wish that pesky bill for your monthly plan would go away for a while, Sprint has some good news for you.


Through the 4th of April, Sprint is offering a year of their Unlimited Freedom Plan for free. This plan includes unlimited data, talk and text. You can keep your phone number and don’t have to sign an annual contract or pay an activation fee!

Who is eligible?

The promotion applies only to current Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T customers who have an eligible device. Unfortunately, current Sprint customers are unable to take advantage of this deal.

More about Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Plan

New customers signing up for the Unlimited Freedom Plan can enjoy free unlimited data, talk and text on Sprint’s network through April 30th of next year. Note that for customers who use 50GB or more of data during a billing cycle, data deprioritization occurs when the network is congested.

The plan includes Standard definition video streaming with quality up to 480p resolution and music streaming up to 500 kilobytes per second. Gaming can be enjoyed up to two megabytes per second.

Global roaming is also offered on this plan, with free basic data and text for eligible LTE or GSM phones in low-cost service areas. Talk rates begin at 20 cents per minute.

Save big

It goes without saying that a year without a monthly phone bill would save you lots of money. A family of four can save over $1,900!

Keep in mind that this offer requires the use of Autopay, which automatically debits from your account each month. The savings will last until April 30, 2020. After that, the plan will cost $60 per month, $40 per month for a second phone line, and $20 per month for every additional line, with a limit of five total lines.

Head over to Sprint.com to confirm your eligibility for this fantastic new promotion.