Save at the Movie Theaters with Subscription Plans

Save at the Movie Theaters with Subscription Plans

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These movie subscription plan savings aren’t for everyone, but if you have a large family or enjoy the going to the movies often, these subscription plans can save you a ton of money.  If you’re looking for a great, last-minute idea for a quick Valentine’s Day gift – this is it!

Sinemia and Movie Pass both offer a variety of different subscriptions where you can get a certain number of tickets or unlimited tickets each month.

Save at the movie theaters


This program is billed annually and has multiple plans to choose from.  You can use the tickets at multiple theaters which you can look up on their website prior to purchasing. There are no blackout dates, so you don’t have to worry about what days you will or will not be able to use your tickets.

If their subscriptions are not on sale, wait before you buy! We’ve seen their subscriptions go on sale for well over 50% off and they launch sales frequently. Here are their current plans and current sale prices.

The Classic Plan

The Classic plans offer no blackout dates, advance ticket options and can be used in any theater listed on their website. These plans are limited to regular movies and cannot be used for movies that are 3D or IMAX.

There are three different classic plans which allow you to see a movie every day of the week OR 3 movies per month OR 2 movies per month. Pricing for each plan varies based on which one you select.

The Elite Plan

The Elite plans give you the same options as the Classic, but you can see 3D movies on the plan and use one of your allotted tickets to view an IMAX 4DX movie if you prefer. This plan is available for three tickets per month or two tickets per month.

Movie Pass

This plan offers three, six, and twelve-month subscription plans and is similar to Sinemia with its own set of theaters where you can use the plan. There are three plan options including Select, All Access and Red Carpet. The Select plan allows you to see three movies per month within their theater network but is limited to only certain movies that they choose.

The All Access plan is also for three movies per month, but you can see any move in 2D at any of the theaters in their network. The Red Carpet plan is the same as the All Access plan, but you can use one of your tickets per month to see an IMAX or 3D movie.