Money Saving Party Hacks to Soup Up Your Superbowl!

Money Saving Party Hacks to Soup Up Your Superbowl!

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Superbowl Sunday will be here in just three more days.  If you’re planning a party and haven’t reached your field goal yet, we have a few tips and tricks to make sure you don’t fumble, and to help you get ready just in time for kickoff!


Super Bowl Party Hacks

Wholesale Alcohol

What’s a super bowl party without a few boozy beverages?  Head over to your local warehouse store, such as Sam’s Club to stock up on fan-favorite beers.  Even better, you don’t even need a membership to buy beer, wine or spirits at Sam’s Club.

Alcohol sold at Sam’s Club is exempt from the 10% non-member surcharge, so you won’t be paying any extra than actual members.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

Stagger How You Place the Food

While it may look fantastic to set out all of your super bowl snacks at the same time, it is actually better to stagger your presentation.  This way, the food won’t be sitting out for hours getting cold, and you can cut down on food waste.

Just pay attention to how much your guests are eating, and what their favorites seem to be.  Re-fill as necessary, and introduce new goodies as you go.  Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to serve only snack foods instead of the more expensive meat, cheese, and veggie trays.

If you DO want a meat, cheese or veggie tray, make your own instead of buying them already put together at your local grocer.  You won’t save time, but you’ll definitely save money!

Perfect for Potlucks

Wait…  did you think you need to shop for and prepare for all of the food yourself?  Nope!  It is perfectly okay to host a “potluck” super bowl party, and your guests might even appreciate the chance to show off their snack makin’ skills.

If nothing else, it’ll help provide an excuse for conversation in between touchdowns.

Did Someone Order Pizza?

Admittedly, a lot of folks do this already when hosting a super bowl party.  Instead of going all out to create the perfect smorgasbord, just order a ton of pizza instead!

Here’s the catch though; when ordering, ask that the pizza be sliced into squares instead of the usual triangle.  This will help ensure that no one is taking more than they actually intend to eat.

If you want to spread your dollars even further, skip ordering the pizza and just bake frozen or deli pizzas instead.  I guarantee that no one is going to complain, especially if alcohol is involved.

No Need to Purchase Extra Chairs

Are you worried about having enough seating areas for your guests to sit while watching the big game?  Fear not!  This is one of those occasions where you don’t need to go out and purchase additional seating.

Instead, just grab piles of blankets and pillows to fill any empty spaces, or ask your guests to bring any collapsible seating if they have it available.

Dollar Store Hero

If you didn’t know this already, most Dollar Stores are stocked up with football-themed decorations at the moment, so take advantage of this!

There is absolutely no need to pay top dollar for disposables such as plates, utensils, cups, napkins or aluminum trays for serving foods.  You should definitely make the Dollar Store your very first stop for any of those basic needs – and head out early in the day to avoid the crowds!