How to Start out Frugal Living

How to Start out Frugal Living


Ever wondered how to start out frugal living? Well, don’t worry, because today we’ve got some quick tips on where to begin. If you feel like you’re spending way too much on everyday activities, it could be time to start living frugal!

After all, why spend when you could save? There’s no shortage of great ways to start living frugal, so there’s no reason not to save! Let’s talk about the ways you can get started saving money today!

How to Start out Frugal Living



First, get into couponing! Businesses give out tons of coupons, and you never have to buy anything full price when it has a coupon! You’re likely leaving a ton of money on the table by not taking advantage of these promotions. However, make sure you’re using coupons just to buy things you already need, not as an excuse for spending on dumb stuff!

Thrift Shops

If you’ve never been to a thrift shop, or think they’re “gross,” get down to your local secondhand store. You can find amazing deals on clothes and electronics. You also help the environment by buying used. Secondly, you help yourself by saving money! There’s no reason to rush out and buy things brand new for 100 times the price you can find it in a secondhand store. Shop smarter!

Mending is Better than Ending

Get handy! When your clothes tear, bust out the needle and mend that sucker. When your technology breaks down, bust it open and fix it yourself. Is your car having trouble? Well, pop the hood and figure out what’s ailing it! You can save so much money by repairing your own stuff rather than having someone else fix it. And, heavens forbid, don’t throw away perfectly good things just because they need a few repairs. That said, if something is total junk, thoughtfully recycle it and buy a newer one from a secondhand store.

Buy Store Brand

When you go to the grocery store, get accustomed to buying the store brand. There’s no reason to pay a huge upcharge just to get a brand name. That goes double for pharmaceuticals: the pharmaceutical industry is a vampire, so buy generic whenever you can! You can save a ton of money by buying smart.

Make Your Own

It’s really difficult to entirely cut the grocery store out of your shopping. However, you can take some steps to make things a bit easier on your wallet. First, start a garden for vegetables and herbs. Similarly, making your own personal hygiene products can save you a ton of money. Everything from laundry detergent to deodorant can be made at home. If you make your own, you can save a lot of money!