How to Live it Up for Very Little: Frugal Living Tips

How to Live it Up for Very Little: Frugal Living Tips


Fast cars, caviar and mansions: the images of lavish wealth! Well, truth be told, there’s no cheat code or shortcut when it comes to being wealthy (unless your folks are filthy rich.) That said, just because you’re living frugal, that doesn’t mean you have to eat ramen noodles and wear ill-fitting hand-me-downs.

There are many steps you can take to live on a smaller budget but still enjoy luxuries that make you feel a lot better about your situation. So, let’s talk about how to live it up for little money!


How to Live it Up for Little Money

Step One: Buy Used

You might see that awesome new car and think it’s the way to go but take a deep breath. There are many awesome cars that are five or even ten years old that will get you where you want to go. The same goes for nice clothes: you don’t need them to be straight off the rack to look awesome.

Go to a secondhand clothing store and save a ton of money on great threads! Heck, even thrift stores have awesome clothes at a steal. You never know what kinds of great deals you’ll find when you hit the thrift shop!

Step Two: Groceries

If you take a few hours a week to scan the grocery ads and find items on discount through coupons, you’ll save hundreds on groceries. Many grocery stores have an ad match that you can take advantage of, too. Another way you can save on groceries is by buying non-perishables in bulk.

Things like toothpaste, toilet paper and the like can often be found for great deals through wholesalers. Another good idea is to go through discount grocers. Places like Aldi and Lidl can often help you save a ton on groceries.

Step Three: Luxuriously Low-Priced

That delicious sushi place down the street has buy-one get-one sushi after 10 PM. The quaint little dive bar across town has a happy hour from 4 to 7. The appetizers at that tasty bistro downtown are half price after 9. All of these and more are available to you, and you should take advantage of them.

There’s no reason to buy anything for the full sticker price if it’s being offered for a better price at a different time. Just schedule your fun nights out around the best deals!

Step Four: Ask for a Discount

This goes for literally everything. I’m not even kidding. You don’t know if an item is eligible for a discount unless you ask. Everyone knows you have to barter with a salesman when you go to get a car or buy a house. But there are numerous times when I’ve saved a great deal of money by simply asking for a discount.

Just clarify with the seller that this is their best price. “Are you sure this is the lowest you can do for this? It couldn’t go for a little less?” If the answer is yes, then that’s fine, no need to be pushy. However, you’d be surprised how often just asking will get you a discount!