Can You Really Win Money by Playing Solitaire on Your Phone?

Can You Really Win Money by Playing Solitaire on Your Phone?


It has become the new American tradition to whip out your phone whenever you have a free moment. Sometimes those free moments turns into an hour. Maybe you’re waiting for your name to be called in the waiting room.

Maybe you’re bored on your lunch break. Or you’re laying in bed trying to fall asleep.


Smartphone gaming is a multi-billion dollar per year industry, taking our money in small increments at a time. It’s a cost we pay to help us kill time.

Instead of buying a magazine at the pharmacy for $4, we’re spending it on tokens to use as currency to get to the next level of the phone game we’re playing.

What’s this? An ad is telling me I can make money playing a game?

You might have seen an advertisement for games like Solitaire Cube. It says that you can make some cash by playing and shows video of a lucky winner holding up a check for $2,000. This could be you.

It’s rather intriguing: you are already spending your idle time playing cards, Tower Defense, Super Mario Run, and an array of other mindless games. So what’s the harm in trying this out if it might make you a few extra dollars?

How it works

Games that offer a chance at winning cash prizes are not much different from the video poker screens you’ve seen in gas stations and dive bars. Let’s break it down: In many cases, these phone games will have recurring “tournaments” to enter, which require you to deposit money into your account.

Depending on how you place versus other players around the globe, you might win a prize. And it might be a rather large prize. Maybe a small one. Or you might not rank highly enough to make any of your money back.

App developers, like casinos, sustain their business because they make more money than they give out as rewards. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should never try it.

Your Best Chance at Winning

Most gaming apps have players “buy in” to a round in a game like solitaire or poker, and they award money to the highest ranking players. If you’re not among the best players of the round, you will lose the money you deposited – whether that’s $1 or $20, whoosh, it’s gone!

So in short, your best bet at winning money is to become extremely good at the game you’re playing. Solitaire and Black Jack, for example, are not purely games of luck. There is a lot of skill and technique involved with these games, and if you are a casual player, you’re almost guaranteed to lose.

Practice the game offline as much as you can. Avoid games that require you to make microtransactions for gems or tokens. Remember, you’re trying to win money, not spend it! And when you feel confident enough to compete, give it a shot. You very well might win a little something.