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“If you’re going to be smart about something, be smart about money.”  That’s what my father used to say. -And boy was he right!

Here at Mr. Piggybank, we attempt to pass on valuable information about how to save, invest and grow your money. From daily savings to smart retirement investing, Mr. Piggy Bank brings the savvy smarts of financial fanatics right onto your screen.

Do you spend your paycheck before you even get it? Do you owe more money than the national debt? Do you wish you could afford the finer things in life?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then Mr. Piggybank might be for you.

Take a minute, read an article or two. See what we have to say on the topics that most interest you. And, in a couple of months, see if you don’t have a little bit more knowledge and understanding about what makes the financial world go around.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Mr. Piggybank.